Monday, 27 September 2010

Our weekend away

This weekend we have been over in Cambridge, primarily for the final weekend of the Cambridge film festival.

From the glimpse we got it seems to have been a huge success and proved as popular as ever. It is a shame that the festival organisers have lost funding from the principal sponsor but thankfully it didn't change this year's festival and hopefully won't affect next year's either.

We saw three films this weekend: 'The Butcher's Son' which was set in the Dominician Republic and was an interesting story told in a nice way with some lovely visual shots. Some moments were a bit clichéed including the ending which felt like it was there just to round things off nicely, but overall it was a solid film.

'Chico and Rita' was the surprise screening and although I wouldn't say I am a fan of animated films, this one was fantastic. It didn't take long before the strength of the story made you forget it was animated at all (even though visually it looked stunning), and a phenomenally good jazz/Cuban score kept the pace up throughout. It seemed to be well received and it was worth us travelling over just to see it!

'Made in Dagenham' was the closing film and although expectations were low, it proved to be a fun film with a few good laugh-out-loud moments. It had all the things you would expect in a feel-good, rousing British film but benefitted from some great performances from Bob Hoskins and Sally Hawkins. There was also an interesting Q&A with the producer and screenwriter at the end.

So now we have our final day in Cambridge before heading back to the airport to fly home. We did manage to head round the city for a bit on Sunday morning to try to take some pictures. We managed to get an hour or two in before the weather defeated us, so I'll update the photos section of my blog when I get them uploaded.

Until next time...

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