Monday, 12 July 2010

Honeymoon: Exploring Washington

So we have had our first full day in Washington, DC. It really is a great city. Not too hard to get about in (the Metro system is pretty easy to use and the train 'operators' give a running commentary of the journey which livens it up a bit).

Today has involved a mammoth walk taking in all the major government sites like the Capitol, The White House, Lincoln memorial and Washington monument. They are all stunning buildings but the Lincoln memorial was particularly stunning - a huge 20ft sculpture of Lincoln sitting on a chair with his famous Gettysburg address inscribed on the wall - such a peaceful place despite the crowds of people.

We are off to the Smithsonian at some point before we go and to do some shopping in Georgetown - so should get to see the universities and the Air and Space museum which is one of the main reasons I wanted to come here (obviously-for anyone who knows me).

Overall impressions of DC so far are that it is an incredibly clean, safe, quiet city with enough to keep us busy but plenty of nice places to just sit and relax. The hardest thing to adjust to is the heat and humidity - it is around 35 degrees today with about 65% humidity (which feels like a lot!) but thankfully everywhere is air-conditioned so we can cool off pretty regularly.

We are certainly looking forward to exploring a bit more tomorrow before we head to New York on Thursday.

I'll try and update my blog later in the trip (usually when Ellen is asleep...)

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Location:H St NW,Washington,United States

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