Saturday, 12 June 2010


Felt it was time to update my blog again and as I write this I am sitting in my tenth floor hotel room in Glasgow looking out over the city, trying to avoid the World Cup.

Glasgow is one of very few cities that has taken a while to inspire me; especially compare to how much we enjoyed Edinburgh when we went there last year.

Edinburgh has the romantic, artistic qualities with an abundance of attractions and fascinating things to see, that have been written about by many, but Glasgow seemed curiously empty. Amongst the prevalence of high rise buildings there are a few gems though - the classical architecture of the many banks and townhouses, and the independent film theatre located in the listed art deco building is a favourite. Disappointingly, another former cinema from the same era is now a Tesco Express.

We spent a weekend here in May and felt we didn't see that much, but having spent a further couple of days here I have begun to find a bit more interest in Glasgow. I met up with a friend of mine who went to university here and needless to say he knew a few more points of interest than I did.  Some great bars and some lovely parts of the town up by the university and some quieter bits of the city centre really had lots of great atmosphere.

I am here for a turbomachinery conference to be held here next week for which I, and a few PhD students from Queen's Uni are session assistants.

We have to shepherd the delegates around and help with any technical issues. Dull stuff, but we get to hear some interesting technical papers and presentations, as well as talk to some companies related to what I am doing.

It's a shame the day starts at 6am though - I'll be glad to get home for a sleep! I had better take advantage of a free day tomorrow - there's a grand prix on, oh and there is that cinema I was talking about!

Until next time...

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