Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Film Review: The Battle of Algiers

Set in Algiers between 1954 and 1960, this film tells of the struggle of the Algerian people to retake their city from the French colonials.

Having never seen it before, I didn't go in to it with any real preconceptions, but it didn't take long before I was hooked in to the drama that unfolded in an edge-of-the-seat kind of way.  The black & white format in which it was filmed only added to this.

Particularly pleasing were the musical motifs used to identify characters and stories through the film, and they were even used to highlight the differences in fighting methods between the Algerians and the French.

But perhaps the best thing about the film was the determination of the director to tell the story in a completely neutral way – the stories told were equally passionate and even-handed on both sides.

This film stands as a great piece of history – both in a political and film sense, that is as relevant today in all parts of the world as it was when it was made.

The Battle of Algiers (1966): 5/5


  1. Been a while since I saw this (on DVD), but I remember it as being very powerful. Must have been even more so on the big screen.

  2. Absolutely! I came out of the cinema buzzing after it :)