Friday, 2 April 2010

Holiday Time

Easter is here, and it is almost holiday time again.  A few days off will be nice and we're hoping to explore some of the Northern Ireland countryside.

Speaking of which, we were up at the North Coast last weekend with a friend of ours who was over from England.  It doesn't matter how many times we go there, it always impresses me.  The Giant's Causeway is a treat (even when the weather is as ferocious as it was when we were there), and the coastal drive back home is brilliant, winding its way through valleys, over hills and alongside cliffs.

We also had a sneaky stop off at Bushmills distillery, where, needless to say, a bottle of 'medicine' was was on offer!  The tour there is still good, and the guide was more informative than most - especially when he got asked stupid questions from some girls on the tour!

My surround sound system is now up and running - watched a film on it last night.  As is typical, it turned out not to be filmed in 5.1 surround sound so we had to make do with 2.1...but watched a few minutes of another film that is in 5.1 and the sound was incredible...glad we don't have neighbours too close!

The Belfast Film Festival is looming too - we have got our festival passes, so we can go to as many films as we like.  Saves me narrowing down my list of films - there really is so much going on, it'll be nice to head down after work and sit and watch something different each night.

So for this weekend, Ellen's dad is over for Easter.  In store for us is a trip to the brilliant St George's market to buy some food for a Sunday lunch, enjoy some music and maybe a bacon bap.  Then a lazy day in Belfast before heading to the airport.  I'm even getting a haircut!

Then I am off next week, and I have my birthday in the middle of it, so lots of fun.  In the meantime, back to work...

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