Friday, 23 April 2010

Film Review: Racing Dreams

This documentary focused on three young kids, Brandon, Josh and Annabeth as they battled to win the World Karting Association’s National Championship and achieve their dream to make it big in NASCAR.

The story proved an unpretentious account of the lives (both racing and personal) of the three children as they and their families battled personal and financial issues to reach the top of their game. Filmed in such a way that it told the story beautifully without any direct interviews that so often over-power a documentary, it was a really nice film that appealed to even those who don’t like racing.

It perfectly highlighted the corporate nature of modern-day racing – the “I’d like to thank my sponsors, my tyre supplier and chassis builder” interviews with the race PA announcer that followed each win told how even ones so young knew the importance of the people giving them the money to race, and how desperate they are not to lose it.

An excellent story more about the kids than the racing, but with some real edge-of-the-seat action, coupled with a heart-warming personal edge makes this a truly spectacular film.

Racing Dreams (2009): 5/5

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