Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Film review: The Living Room of the Nation

Having never before seen a Finnish film, I was looking forward to this documentary, which featured a collection of short clipped segments from various people throughout Finland.

Filled with moments of humour, fear, pain and love it presented a story good enough to capture me for the duration. It presented a sequence of contrasting images throughout - the birth of a new-born baby sat alongside the deterioration of a minister suffering with his obesity in his old-age, being thrown out of his home. On reflection it seemed to feature the widest range of emotions it was possible to create.

However, I felt the moments of sadness, in particular, could have been more drawn out and helped to create a greater feeling of empathy – as it was, these few moments of tenderness felt a little constrained and short-lived.

Overall, an interesting portrayal of the various lives of the people it featured, shot entirely with static cameras, indoors (as the title suggests), but with few stand out moments to lift it above other documentaries.

The Living Room of the Nation (Kansakunnan olohuone (2009)): 3/5

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