Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Film Review: Down Terrace

For me, this turned out to be a real surprise at the Festival. Expecting another pointlessly violent, cockney, Guy Ritchie-style British gangster film, it proved to be anything but, with some brilliant acting from recognisable TV stars, in the first film from director Ben Wheatley.

The film itself swings from moments of hippy-esque, drug-fuelled calm to spontaneous brutal violence, but interspersed with deadpan, almost slapstick comedy and genuine laugh-out-loud moments (especially from Belfast’s own Michael Smiley), in such a way that the audience is left constantly thinking “what next?”.

Moments of real intrigue in the storyline and brilliantly delivered humour, combined with the fact that the whole thing is all put together so naturally, make this one of the best British films I’ve ever seen.

Down Terrace (2009): 5/5

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