Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Film Review: Adrift

This was an unexpected hit at the festival – mainly because the other film that was due to be showing was cancelled as it was stuck on a plane, unable to get to Belfast due to the volcano eruption! Nonetheless, it proved to be a solid feel-good film about love and separation.

The central character was a young girl (Filipa) who was witnessing (along with her siblings) the gradual demise of her parents’ marriage. She sees her mother pushing her father away and mirrors these traits when she meets a boy while on holiday.

A story of her struggles with coming of age as her parents finally split up, it progressed at a pace that kept the attention levels up and didn’t drag out anything unnecessarily.

The cinematography in particular stood out with some wide shots of stunning country really helping to immerse the viewer in the story, and used throughout to emphasise the characters having a moment of relection.

Overall, a nicely made film that didn’t take too much thought to stay with the story.

Adrift (À Deriva (2009)): 3/5

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